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BEE Policy

H&T Labels’ investment is at the heart of our business

H&T Labels’ commitment to the community flows from our core values and principles. To us, social investment is not an add-on to business activities, but at the heart of how we engage with the communities where our customers, employees, investors and suppliers live.


1.1 H&T Labels vision is to be the approved  Supplier for all chain stores and is customer focused
1.2 It is recognised that employment equity is essential to this mission. Diversity in H&T Labels staff complement adds immense value to the corporation as a whole.
1.3 This policy strives to build a diverse, high quality staff profile throughout H&T Labels as well as an academic staff profile which is predominantly designated groups.

In pursuit of broad based black economic empowerment, H&T Labels contracted the services of SDF Corp. for readiness of verification and BEEVER, a reputable rating agency that is represented on the Department of Trade and Industry’s database of rating agencies, to conduct an initial assessment of the company’s BEE status.

The purpose of this draft policy document is to clarify the position of H&T Labels on the issues of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and the relevant industry Charters.

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