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Employment Equity Policy


1.1 H&T Labels vision is to be the approved  Supplier for all chain stores and is customer focused
1.2 It is recognised that employment equity is essential to this mission. Diversity in H&T Labels staff complement adds immense value to the corporation as a whole.
1.3 This policy strives to build a diverse, high quality staff profile throughout H&T Labels as well as an academic staff profile which is predominantly designated groups.


2.1 H&T Label’s mission is to promote equal opportunity and the full development of human potential. H&T Labels therefore recognises that specific measures are required to achieve equity in the employment of designated groups, namely, Africans, Coloureds, Indians, women and persons with disabilities, and to appoint and promote persons from these sub-groups, in accordance with H&T Label’s employment equity plan.
2.2 H&T Labels will undertake where possible, to help prepare black people, women and persons with disabilities, to become equal competitors for every post on its establishment.
2.3 H&T Labels recognises that the criteria for appointment are academic and professional excellence, and that any candidate recommended must meet the requirements for the appointment in question.
2.4 Consistent with principles of employment equity, H&T Labels is committed to reviewing on an on-going basis all its policies and related procedures to ensure alignment with its employment equity policy. This will be done to identify practices, whether formal or informal, which have either a favourable or a detrimental effect on the hiring, retention, development and promotion of members of designated groups.
2.5 Using H&T Labels’ recruitment policy and procedures as a framework, every reasonable effort will be made to appoint suitable internal and external candidates from the designated groups to vacant positions. To make H&T Labels’ recruitment strategy an effective tool for employment equity, the focus of the strategy will strive to be proactive and long term, rather than reactive and short-term. Hence, succession planning will be used, and an attempt must be made to identify the potential of internal and external candidates from the designated groups, with the view to also providing appropriate education and skills development opportunities.
2.6 In a transformed society, the staff profile of H&T Labels should broadly reflect appropriate South African demographics. The immediate aim of the University is to ensure the development of a critical mass of Black staff, with an equitable representation of women and people with disabilities, at all levels.
2.7 The Management Team will approve a plan annually to achieve employment equity. H&T Labels’ Employment Equity report will prescribe and reflect the numerical targets which each employee will strive to reach during each year of the plan. These numerical targets will be derived from an in-depth analysis of both the constraints and opportunities for redress that will impact on the achievement of H&T Labels’ employment equity objectives.
2.8 The Management Team are responsible for ensuring that an employment equity plan has been developed for the employees, and that its implementation is monitored.
2.9 The responsibility for implementing this policy and achieving the goals of the employment equity plan rests with the Management Team, and will be evaluated in individual performance objectives. The responsibility for monitoring equity will primarily rest with these individuals, but progress will be reviewed twice per year.
2.10 The Management Team with executive accountability are responsible for consultation, and for communicating this policy, the employment equity plan, staffing plans and programmes designed for the accelerated development or advancement of designated groups, to all employees. The progress made in terms of the employment equity plan must be communicated to all employees.

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