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Social Investment Policy

H&T Labels’ investment is at the heart of our business

H&T Labels’ commitment to the community flows from our core values and principles. To us, social investment is not an add-on to business activities, but at the heart of how we engage with the communities where our customers, employees, investors and suppliers live.

Global in scope, local in focus

H&T Labels seeks to respond to issues of global significance and to engage with local communities wherever we do business. Within the H&T Labels group, some subsidiaries are established foundations. In other countries, community activities are funded directly from corporate budgets. All H&T Labels subsidiaries are required to have a formal programme of social investment delivered through most appropriate structure.

H&T Labels supports the community involvement activities of subsidiaries in addition to funding selected global initiatives directly. It also provides expertise and disseminates best practice in social investment across the H&T Labels Group. Any additional funding to local foundations is at a level determined by the relevant Partnership.

Consistent, clear and accountable

We want potential community partners to know what they can expect from H&T Labels. H&T Labels follow a decision by its management, and local community programmes operated by H&T Label’s subsidiaries will adhere to this Policy and associates will be encouraged to apply it to their social investment activities.

More than just financial contributions

Our social investment will be targeted at creative research and programmes that can help to provide replicable solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the nation around us, including the skills of our people, our technology and our services, to ensure that our social investments have the greatest possible impact.

Based on our areas of expertise

H&T Labels will seek to complement the work of Governments and other bodies in the various societies in which we do business. Our contributions will be most effective when they concentrate on areas directly related to the impacts of our business on society.

Promoting sustainable business practice and environmental protection

We want to help protect the natural environment, globally and in the communities where we operate.

Supporting the personal involvement of our employees in their local communications

We believe that our employees are our strongest link with local communities. We want to support their voluntary efforts to improve those communities.

Dedicated to continuous improvement

  1. We are committed to accurate measurement and reporting of the value if social investment, the benefits it generates for communities and the company and it’s longer – term effectiveness in meeting community partners on how we can improve our social investment performance.
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