Why Label It

  1. Labelling, applied correctly, is a powerful marketing tool, holding numerous important benefits that affect a company’s image.
  2. Labelling does more than identify a product; it forms an integral part of packaging, advertising not only the product, but also the company’s image.
  3. It is important for a company to “own” its label irrespective of whether the product is supplied to a distributor or an end user.
  4. Printed in full colour for maximum affect, stickers are a sure way to get your company, service or product noticed. A quality label, with a logo or picture, reinforces the company’s name and image to the customer and has a knock-on affect

Function of Labels:

  • Labelling protects – the product during transit, warehousing, in stores and ultimately during use by the consumer.
  • Labelling sells – “The Silent Salesman” – displaying and describing the product.
  • Labelling informs and instructs – Labeling gives knowledge to the customer on how to use the product.It provides vital information about the product e.g. care directions.
  • Labelling keeps prices down – consumer goods would be expensive if it were not for labelling.  It is more efficient to pre-label goods on a production line than to wrap them separately in stores.
  • Labelling streamlines stock keeping – by allowing for barcoding and scanning.
  • Labels are eye-catching – ensures that your product get seen